Do you have old letters and documents of your

ancestors but you cannot read them?

I would be glad to transcribe your documents and letters from the old German handwriting (Sütterlin)
into readable German. My fee for this service is 10 Euro per hour spent transcribing.

I will give you a free estimate of the charges
and the estimated time that it will take me to transcribe your documents.
Please feel free to contact me any time to discuss your requirements, fees and deadlines.

I take privacy and confidentiality seriously.
The information contained in the submitted documentation will never be disclosed to third parties.


There are different methods you can use to send your documents:

You can send your originals (registered mail) or copies to the address on the left.


You can fax them.

You scan them and send it as a jpg/pdf file attachment to the email address at left.

You can burn them onto a CD and send it.

Your transcriptions

will be sent as a word-file attachment, so that you still have the opportunity to make text corrections and changes concerning the content, style and layout.

I can also print out your transcribed documents.